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Ever eaten your cake before your birthday or sneakily opened a Christmas present the day before? Well, how about having a funeral for someone before they’ve died…?

In Jesus’ story of the Prodigal Son, the anti-hero of the story asked for his dad’s inheritance while his dad was still fully alive and functional. The inheritance was the father’s identity.

We’re talking about something quite rude here. I mean, asking for your inheritance before your parents have passed away is quite rude, isn’t it? By saying “I want my share now”, the son was making a move on his father’s identity, and saying “I’m prepared to act as if you’re dead.”

The Prodigal Son’s story starts as the son wipes the father from his mind and heart.

The world around us has held more than a few ‘funerals’ for God. Declaring that we don’t need His morality, that science has removed a need for Him as a reason for the universe, that frankly, ‘He was getting in the way’ of all that fun we should be having…

And here’s the kicker, Christian: we reckon you’ve done some of these things, too. In fact, in every sin, in every moment of ‘just this once…’, we say to Him (but rarely to His face… we dare not look at it in *those* moments) ‘I’m prepared to act as if you’re dead’.

What Now?

Heavy one today? If Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, then sin is more hurtful than rule breaking. Have some one-to-one time in that relationship today, a Jesus-coffee-date, a walk, whatever, and talk with Him about those moments you acted as if He wasn’t there. Can you decide to put turning your whole life to Him above them?

Verse of the Day:

‘…I want my share…now’ Luke 15:12 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

June 24th, 2014

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