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Know those friends who stand out? The ones who really resonate somewhere in your mind when you think of them, and make you look forward to their next visit without trying (or when they  pop up on Facebook chat….and you’ve clearly waited for an hour on another tab.)

They’re the  ones that you just end up chatting about to your friends, whether you mean to or not.

If you call Jesus ‘friend’, would your other friends notice this friendship? Is He, well, visible to those who know you?

When He becomes part of your life in a way that makes others catch on that there’s another person at work in your life – people are gonna be curious.

Maybe you’ve seen it yourself in another friend’s life. The light of God dancing around the edges of their personality because they’ve spent time with Him. And when they mention that they know Jesus, everything sorta seems to make sense.

It could’ve even been how you came to know Him in the first place – through a friend. It is like that for lots of people.

For your friends, you’re the introduction page.

So, keep chatting about Jesus.

Keep doing your bit to act like Him (and alongside Him; He’s at work around you and through you already). You’re the welcome wagon (hey, it’s nicer than welcome mat…). You might well be how they get their foot in the door of the faith.

What Now?
What can you do today to introduce people to Jesus? Do something small, something that can be  an easy success (Jesus was someone that people always felt at ease around – listening could be a  good activity to practice) then try again with something bigger tomorrow, or next week.

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.’ John 14:1 (NIV) 

Joy Ferdiz

May 6th, 2014

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