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You may not believe that your ten minutes of wailing ‘Amazing Grace’ in the shower does a whole lot, but the Bible says that worship packs quite a punch.

Ever heard the story of Jehoshaphat?

His people were about to be smashed to bits by a huge enemy army. Jehoshaphat didn’t hang around. He went straight to God and reminded Him ‘You are so powerful that no one can defeat you.’ (2 Chronicles 20: 6 CEV), and God – through a prophet called Jahaziel – replied, ‘You won’t even have to fight…the LORD will be there with you.’ (verse 17)

Jehoshaphat led his army out to the battlefield, and told the worshippers to get right out there in front and sing praises to God. As soon as they started to sing, God did all the fighting on their behalf. He confused the opposition, and they began to wipe each other out. Nobody in Jehoshaphat’s army raised a weapon. Pretty soon ‘every soldier in the enemy’s army was lying dead on the ground’ (verse 24).

As soon as you see an enemy on the horizon – whatever that might look like to you – don’t waste time. Seek God and worship him.

See, worship requires you to look up to God. And if you’re looking up, you can’t navel-gaze (unless you’re one of those ‘gifted’ folk who can do multi-directional staring…).

When you focus on His power instead of your problem, He moves on your behalf.

What now?

Do you have a tendency to wallow? Create an anti-navel-gazing playlist, and make that your first port of call alongside Psalm 42.

“…the true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth…” John 4: 23 (NIV)

Joy Ferdiz

April 12th, 2014

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