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‘…have your sandals on and your walking stick in your hand…’      Exodus 12:11 NCV


Things change – seen the weather lately?

Good or bad, change comes in lots of different ways.

For us, wrong motives like greed can cause us to change our mind about things like friendships, commitments, and relationships – for the wrong reasons.

When God’s properly in charge, change means only one thing: growth.

Is there something you’re shying away from moving on to?

Maybe it’s a mission trip, a new church, friendship group, or a different workplace/college/future-whatever. It could be anything.

The point is that when God prompts you to change something, there’s no time for dilly-dallying.

Fear will hold you back from some of your best opportunities to GROW.


So, what to do?

Well, maybe it’s time to solemnly raise a three fingered salute (shout-out-to-the-boy-scout) and ‘Be Prepared’.

God instructed His people to have their ‘sandals and walking sticks’ ready. Just in case you weren’t aware, God’s Spirit WILL move unexpectedly! He might even ask you to take that terrifying step for Him… today.

And what about unwanted change that’s not from God?

If everything’s spiralling out of your control, then it’s time to look up. Pray. God isn’t going to change. His opinion about you, His perfect plans and His promise of eternal life aren’t going anywhere! He’s got you.


What now?

Facebook an older Christian, and schedule a coffee-date with them. Ask how they responded to changes that God brought about. You might be able to learn from them!


August 26th, 2013

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