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He Said It – Consequences

Whatever God says is absolutely true.

And when He puts together a plan, He sees it through. Romans 3:4 quotes one of David’s Psalms (Psalm 51:4, to be exact), where he’s crying out to God because he knows he’s messed up – big time. (Check out 2 Samuel 11 and 12 for the whole story. That’s a lot of Bible in this first paragraph, but it’s all the same story).

After being told what the consequences of his sin are going to be, David writes to God, “You will be proved right in what you say”. He knew that God always delivers on whatever He says. And he was right; all that the prophet explained to David came to pass. Now, because of the way that David had acted, the consequences weren’t great.

Sometimes, we act in ways that leave us picking up the pieces of what we’ve done. But here’s the thing: when David called on God, he
wasn’t let down. God got Him through.

Thankfully, there is a flip side. And a pretty great one at that. Imagine how God, the God who loves you immensely, definitely does rejoice in seeing through the good things that He promises.

When He lays out His plans for your life, the minute that you say “yes” to Him and to those plans, He starts to make them happen.

And He absolutely loves doing so.

Whatever He has said about you, pursue it.

Because what God says, goes.

What Now?
Start to keep track of the things that God says to you, and any special messages that He gives to
you (good chance to get a new journal or to finally make use of that planner you got from your favourite coffee hangout). Keep your eyes (and your heart) open to the ways in which they start to materialize.

“You will be proved right in what You say.” Romans 3:4 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

June 1st, 2014

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