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An old lady spent her first flight sitting forward awkwardly in her chair, elbows firmly on both armrests, looking straight ahead for the whole plane ride. When the plane landed, the passenger next to her asked if she’d enjoyed the flight. “It was all right” she said, “but I didn’t put my whole weight on it…”

Imagine! The thing is, we do the same thing when we try to get along with God based on our own awesomeness (yeah, we know it!) – by working harder, praying longer, having a super lovely personality, or whatever. But there’s no way to do work that’s been done for us already.

Christianity says we will never be able to get along with God because all the wrong we’ve done is a huge obstacle that gets in the way.

Sin stops us from seeing or wanting God by ourselves. We can’t trust in our own ability to get on God’s good side; we just don’t have that ability, any more than lolas can cruise at thirty thousand feet of their own accord.

But God’s done something about you. He loves you.

So He looked past His own right to judge you or punish you (yup, it’s His right), and absolutely embraced you – on the cross. He did it, and only He did it. He took the sinless-ness of Jesus and gave it to you, and the moment you place your trust in Jesus, you’re flying, with something you can lean back into with your full weight, and the full acceptance of God bearing you up and onward.


What now?

If you take a shower in the morning, singing a couple of worship songs or hymns is a good back-to-basics way to start the day looking in the right direction.

Verse of the Day

‘…What must I do to be saved?’  Acts 16:30 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

February 6th, 2014

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