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 ‘…that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled…’ Matthew 26:56 NIV

Why do you seek the living among the dead?” the angels asked the disciples at Jesus’ tomb. A lot of people today ask the same (without the sly nudge and wink.)

Can’t you just leave Jesus as a “good teacher” story? Isn’t the resurrection better off as a nice metaphor, written by confused 1st century farmers trying to make story-sense out of death?

But reading the story itself, the confused farmers don’t seem very confused. They know exactly what they’re saying.

If it was all a metaphor, why Matthew’s mention of officials spreading rumours of Jesus’ stolen body? (Matthew 28:13) Why include the story of His return at all, why not a spiritual resurrection?

They were talking about an actual tomb, an actual body. And an actual Saviour God embodied in Jesus (told by prophets) – why else would Philippians 2 include an early hymn about an earthy, grounded, human Jesus being the same as God Himself if it was all a fairy tale?

Our leader, Jesus, is alive now, and is King.

He defeated our own sin by actually dying and now He’s actually here again.

Christianity doesn’t rest on floaty, “nice” advice, or even Jesus’ own sayings, but on the action of God in this real life.

What now?

The absolute best way to investigate for yourself, or answer your friends’ questions about Christianity being true, is to have a good look at the Gospels’ stories about Jesus. Pick one (hint, if you’re not sure, or are new to Jesus, Mark is probably the easiest to start with) and read it front-to-back in one go. 

SOULFOOD: 2 Chronicles 5-7 Luke 14:25-35 Psalms 119:81-88 Proverbs 21:17-19

Jolleese Plaire Dzadzovsky

August 19th, 2013

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