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‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…’  Proverbs 9:10 NKJV


When Jesus was on earth, He totally went against expectations.

They called Him a revolutionary, but He paid taxes.

They came to see His miracles, but He refused to entertain them.

He was a Jewish leader who gave up on synagogues.

In a male-dominated society, He recruited females.

So, He doesn’t do things the way we perhaps expect, or want Him to. We can’t control Him.


Is that still the way He rolls?

Yup. It makes sense that those characteristics will come into play in His relationship with us. In fact, we reckon that if you’re a Christian, you’ve probably been given a spiritual ‘poke’ to change your mind/ways/habits (Ever felt a wee bit convicted?)

It’s hard to confidently hand things over to God when He prompts you, especially when they’re bad habits that you probably feel comfortable with.

But here’s the truth: if God’s going to change you (which is hopefully what you want!), then you can’t be in control of it. Ouch.

Yet, avoiding that constant heart-battle is fairly simple – accept that He is God. Like, if God is God, and you are a human, why should you keep up any dirty habit? Whatever the motive, it needs to be yielded to God- He’s bigger and better. This is commonly known as ‘fearing’ Him- in other words, accepting that He’s the boss (more on that tomorrow).


What now?

Try coughing every time you think negatively toward others today. If you have a sore throat this evening, then you’ll know why. Best to pray about it.


August 27th, 2013

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