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How often do we go through our days multitasking between our ‘Christian’ mind and our ‘normal’ mind? Like tabbing between pages on a web browser (We’re guilty!!!), this can eventually use up all our attention and wear us out.

We are whole people, not fractured beings.

Splitting off our minds into a spiritual bit and non-spiritual bit ends up being unhealthy. How do we fix this?

First up – Habits are keys. The patterns in how you think about things, how you act in certain situations, and the behaviors you return to, make up your whole person.

So they’re pretty important, and God cares about them (Like, a lot. The story behind today’s verse is God calling out His people for repeatedly ignoring Him over centuries…).

Habits can keep your attention on God and the person He has made you to be, bringing your mind into a focused peace.

Habits free you up to do things more quickly and remove mental clutter so that you can think clearly about important things. They play a part in making your whole being a place that God can come and live through. More on that tomorrow!

What now?

A good way to check your habits may be to have someone you respect and trust (a church or group leader?) question you on the way you react to people, particularly when you’re tired or upset. Are your responses coming from a fear of people, or a ‘fear of God’? (Check back to the 8th of Feb for more on the ‘fear of God’.)

Verse of the Day

 ‘…This has been your manner from your youth…’ Jeremiah 22:21 NKJV

Joy Ferdiz

February 17th, 2014

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