Goliath Away

Goliath Away

I will live and not die. I am blessed and I cannot be cursed. I’m a victor and not a victim!

We see this principle from the very start of the scripture. In the book of Genesis it says that the earth was without form and void. There was darkness everywhere. (Genesis 1:2)

Ano ang nangyari? And God said. In other words, nang mga panahon na iyon it was dark and gloomy, chaotic, magulo kahit saan. Isn’t it interesting that things didn’t change just because God’s presence was there. It didn’t get better just because God thought “I wish I had a world. I wish it was all in order.” Nothing happened until God spoke.

He said to the darkness, “LET there be light.” (Genesis 1:3). Think about the word ‘let’. It indicates that something was opposing it. If I say “Let go of my hand.” It indicates that you’re holding it or you’re opposing it. Sinabi ito ng Diyos sa gitna ng kadiliman, in the middle of the opposition, “LET there be light.”

Sa mga panahon na mahirap ang mga pangyayari at tila madilim ang paligid, kailangan nating magbigay ng mga salita na magpapaliwanag sa situwasyon. When there’s tension and strife in your home, you need to say “LET there be peace in my home. Don’t talk about the darkness, speak light. Friends; incredible power is released when we speak to our Goliaths. We should be talking to our Goliaths about how big our God is. Dahil kung hindi natin magawang sabihin ito sa harap ng ating mga higante, nang-hihina tayo.  You’ve gotta stop talking ABOUT the Goliath and start talking TO the Goliath. It’s what David did. He said “I WILL defeat you.”

Mike Medlin

March 28th, 2014

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