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We kick off today with a story of something that happened a few years ago across the pond in the US of A. Terry Schafer wanted to buy her husband a special gift, but it was more than she could afford.

However, the friendly shop owner agreed to wrap it and let her take it, with the agreement that she made weekly payments. When she thanked him and he replied, ‘Oh, it’s nothing,’ that shop owner didn’t realize the significance of his kind gesture.

On October 4th, Officer David Schafer was pursuing an armed robber when he was shot in the stomach. When an officer went to tell his wife Terry, she was glad she hadn’t waited for Christmas to give her husband his gift!

And she was doubly grateful for the storekeeper who’d agreed to come to terms, otherwise David would be dead. Instead of a gunshot wound he was only bruised – because he’d been wearing the new bulletproof vest she’d given him earlier that week.

When the timing of an event is more remarkable than the event itself, some people say it’s luck, fate, coincidence, or karma.

But not King David: ‘I come to you, Lord, for protection. Don’t let me be ashamed. Do as you have promised and rescue me… Protect me from hidden traps and keep me safe. You are faithful and I trust you because you rescued me… I celebrate and shout because you are kind. You saw all my suffering and you cared for me. You kept me from the hands of my enemies, and you set me free. (Psalm 31:1, 4-5, 7-8 CEV).

Wherever you go today, remember that God’s protective hand is upon you!

‘Lord…my life is in your hands.’ Psalm 31:14-15 NCV

Bob Gass

June 27th, 2015

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