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A long time ago (in a galaxy, well, here) Jonathan Edwards wrote this:

“But saints and angels behold that glory of God which consists in the beauty of His holiness; and it is this sight only that will melt and humble the hearts of men, wean them from the world, draw them to God, and effectually change them.”


We don’t often think of ‘holiness’ as being something that makes you beautiful. But if your life is rooted in God that much, then what else can give beauty to it?

Only your relationship with Jesus defines you.

Only God pieces you together, with all the care and attention in the world. Only His plans forge your path. Only His beauty, deep as oceans and huge as mountains, counts. It’s the only beauty that can stir up something far-down in a human soul.

God is not pretty. He is Sublime, a beauty beyond visual. That’s hardwired into your DNA. You. Are. Beautiful. God-defined beautiful. And that carries strength. God has placed some of His deep, light-filled power in you, enough to make dark ugliness flee.

When that’s inside, what does the outside matter? Nice eyes and good abs are three-for-one-hundred. And they make very little difference. Your God filled heart is what will show the world that there is a higher, purer, perfect Beauty.

And, when it does, it’s your job to tell the world that the Beauty’s name is Jesus. Fiery, Jesus-focused souls are what change the world.

What now?

Cut five minutes off your ‘getting ready’ time today (or tomorrow). If that means you miss matching your socks, or making your hair look good, that’s okay. Spend those five minutes asking God to do something incredible with you today.

 ‘Your beauty should come from within you’ 1 Peter 3:4 NCV

Joy Ferdiz

April 30th, 2014

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