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‘…the disciples picked up twelve baskets’ Mark 6:43 NLT


Most of us know the story of the little lad with five loaves of bread, a couple of fish and five thousand hungry men; Jesus multiplied that simple meal and fed the whole crowd.

Now it’s been said that the reason there were twelve baskets of bread left over was because everyone actually whipped out their own packed lunches and tucked in.

Some people, in other words, think of it as a lesson in sharing rather than an example of generous giving topped up with superpower faith. Some might say,

“Jesus, that good man who inspired humanity to give responsibly and hug hoodlums and convicts. Best ignore that scoundrel Christ with his wild supernatural claims and his magic tricks.”

But out and away from this secular worldview, in our God-given faith in Christ as Lord, we see a God who both gives us a reason to be generous and gracious, and then, out of His good character and great power, multiplies a thousand-fold what little we were able to give.

The truth is, He doesn’t care what the value is, He owns it all anyway.

It’s about your heart,

it’s about sacrificial giving and it’s about saying ‘here’s all I have Lord,’ and watching Him multiply that gift, however small.


What now?

Read Mark 12:41–44, the story of the widow’s offering. Spend some time today considering what you give (not just cash!) and what the true cost is to you. Is it enough?

SOULFOODJoshua 16:1 – 19:23 Luke 20:9-19 Psalms 20 Proverbs 23:10-12  

Joy Ferdiz

September 7th, 2013

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