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‘…“the jar of flour will not be used up…”’ 1 Kings 17:14 NIV


Devastating famine has swept out the land. Wiped out your livestock. Destroyed all you relied on. And then Elijah, this major prophet guy, turns up – God has sent him your way.

Argh, I can’t let him stay for the night unless I split this one portion of food I have left. Alright God, thank you for this opportunity. I really doubt what I have is anywhere near enough. But I want to trust you with my life – so I’m going to use the little I have to feed him too. Amen…?

Most of us have times that we feel what we have is simply not enough.

Often, however much we cut back, our cash outgoings always slightly exceed our income.

In these moments, after that bill has finally been paid, the thought of giving away what little we have left seems simply insane. And if you haven’t reached that stage where you’re earning money – enjoy this stage while it lasts!

However, take note of this reading; it might turn out pretty important later on (like when you start earning moolah!) And in the meantime, with what money you are given, we reckon the same lessons apply…

When we give away the little we have, the door is left wide open for a miracle.

For the woman in today’s passage, she faced her fear and fed Elijah, and the flour inexplicably just kept on coming. We’re called by God to manage what we’ve got to the best of our ability and that means trusting God with it all, rather than clinging on anxiously, even to the bit that’s left.


What now?

You can give your time if not your cash. Take a look at [SJS1] – it’s full of ideas and opportunities if you’re not sure how to do this!

 [SJS1]Please insert a weblink of opportunities to serve communities and churches.


September 6th, 2013

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