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‘I…am the Lord, and besides Me there is no savior.’            Isaiah 43:11 NKJV


We are a reflection of God.

But we get that truth twisted more often than is comfortable thinking about.

We’re prone to make God fit our image of what he should look like.

An extreme example: The ancient Greeks had a whole lot of their own gods; just buckets of them. They permitted R-rated things like prostitution and human sacrifice, direct from the imaginations of whoever invented them. You might think ‘Great. Glad we don’t live like that’.

But have you ever kept God ‘in his place’ until you need Him?


What about that time you never sought His will in that relationship/job/college that didn’t work out?

God is so much higher than we are.

The problem with making up “last-minute-lifesaver-salbabida God” is that He won’t stay put in His dock.

He has His own plans.

He’s His own Person.

And not to mention out there in cyberspace – a balanced representation of who God is can be hard to come by.

No doubt you’ve been introduced to ‘Jesus is my Boyfriend’ God on your Facebook timeline, with those cutesy Bible verse pictures you scroll past.

Isn’t he nice!

Or perhaps you’ve met like-this-page-or-go-to-hell Jesus.

Isn’t he threatening (and oddly specific.)

We must get to grips with who God really is.

How can we do that?

Well, there’s a whole book on the topic, inspired by Him…


What now?

How can we get the whole picture? Open it. Isaiah 43 (today’s passage) is a good start.


August 26th, 2013

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