Free for All

Free for All

Only Jesus can meet that need. Have you accepted what He offers without cost at the world’s biggest “Free 4 All”?

In an effort to assist people struggling to provide for their families during tough economic times, the church I attend created a program called “Free 4 All.” We brought lightly used items to the church and opened the doors to people of the community. Maaari silang pumunta at kunin ang gamit na nais nila.

While the day was a huge success as far as the amount of goods people were able to pick up, it was even better for this reason: Six people trusted Jesus Christ as Savior at the event. Indeed, these six new believers took part in the greatest “Free 4 All” of all time—the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Ang mga gamit na dinala sa simbahan sa natatanging araw na ito ay nakuha ng lahat. Ibinigay ang mga ito ng walang kapalit na bayad sa lahat ng mga nangangailangan nito. Likewise, eternal forgiveness for our sins has already been purchased. Jesus paid that price when He died on a cross on Golgotha’s hill 2,000 years ago (Romans 3:23-25). He now offers salvation at no cost to all who simply repent and believe that Jesus has the power to forgive and save (Acts 16:31).

Salvation is free, but you must receive it. 

Mike Medlin

March 28th, 2014

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