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Your conscience works on the same principle as a fire alarm – the rest of the house might be asleep, but when the fire alarm kicks off everyone should be perking up and paying attention.

And when sin gets all up in your grills, obstructing the connection between you and God, your conscience will be the thing that signals something’s going wrong. At that moment you don’t rub your eyes blearily and rouse yourself grumbling. No, you’re alive, alert, and sprinting.

You can develop the ability to sleep through sin-alarms, of course (snooze button-training can do wonders). And that can be quite tempting, because no one likes being called out on something they’re doing. But actually, let yourself feel good about the sin-alarms. It means your conscience is alive – and the Holy Spirit will never use it to crush us with shame, but to encourage us to do better.

The Holy Spirit is really important here – He’s the one that engineers the conscience to guide you from continuing down that path.

So foster that feeling, and listen to Him. And if you plough on regardless, like trying to sleep through a house fire, your conscience will stop you from being at ease with your decision. Don’t wait until there’s smoke in the air. Don’t wait until you can taste house fire in your mouth.

What Now?
One final note from today’s cheery W4U public service ad: you will likely still have blind spots about certain sins. So alongside your own conscience, remember that God puts other Christians around you so that He can speak to you through them. Think about people you can trust to offer godly advice, and ask them out for a cup of coffee sometime.

‘We have a good conscience, in all things’ Hebrews 13:18 NKJV HOUSE

Joy Ferdiz

May 7th, 2014

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