Family matters (1)

Family matters (1)

If there’s one thing that ought to be obvious to anyone who has taken more than just a passing glance at the Bible it’s this: God is into families! So, if God’s into families then it won’t do us any harm to spend a few days looking at the subject together will it?

There aren’t many people who really believe that the ‘perfect family’ actually exists these days but even the idea of a ‘normal’ family is really hard to pin down too! The traditional ‘happy family’ consisting of hard-working dad, stay-at-home mom, 2.4 kids, dog, cat and a house with white picket fence has become the exception, when it used to be the rule. For many people family means money problems, mixed-up kids and stressed-out parents.

With all this in mind, Paul’s words are spot on: ‘Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.’ Because we’re all imperfect human beings it takes a great big dose of grace to make a family work! You won’t always agree, but you need to learn to respect each other. You may have heard it said that every family has its ups and downs and every family tree produces a few nuts! But, all joking aside, when there are more serious difficulties the bailing out option begins to look like a real possibility as you get older and more independent. Don’t be hasty. You may need some space but running away is never the answer. When you were a baby you didn’t choose your family; but today you can. Why not pause right now and ask God to help you see your family through His eyes.


Bob Gass

May 26th, 2017

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