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Go through Psalm 119, and you’ll see that the writer really, really liked getting stuck on God’s law.

This is not just a hobby. So, why should we choose to focus on what only God wants for us, and not go by our instinct or everyone else’s opinion?

You start to understand all that Psalm-y enthusiasm about hard moral codes if you think about kids playing on the edge of a cliff.

Without a fence you’re counting the seconds until one of them makes a fatal faceplant (read: falling directly on your face, kinda like planking but not as cool, lol).

With a fence, there are no worries. God’s law is a fence that brings incredible freedom.

Maybe it’s only a matter of time until one of the kids starts wondering what’s on the other side of the fence.

If they don’t know or trust the fence builder, they hop over the fence – and kerplunk.

Brutal. If they survive, they come back saying, like the Psalmist, ‘I used to wander off until you disciplined me; but now I closely follow your word.’ (v. 67 NLT).

The Ten Commandments start with the words, ‘I am the Lord your God… ’ (Exodus 20:2 ESV).

All the don’t kill, steal, etc. bits come after;

God speaks about the relationship first, then about the rules that keep it on safe ground.

It’s when we get that the fence builder absolutely loves us and wants the best for us that we’re happy to stay on the right side of the fence.

What now?

In your prayer time with God today, ask for sensitivity to notice where He’s put up important fences you might have not seen yet.

Verse of the Day:

‘Blessed are they… who walk according to the law of the Lord.’ Psalm 119:1 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

February 20th, 2014

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