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Don’t Sell Out

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‘The Lord forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my ancestors’ 1 Kings 21:3 NIV


Integrity. As Christians, we shouldn’t ‘sell out’ to something that compromises what God really wants for us.

A few of our guidelines the world labels as ‘boring’ are the ones that God has given us to lead to true freedom and life.

He taught us to prioritize other people, to check our anger, envy and gossip, and to recognize the spiritual and mental damage that sex outside of a marital relationship can do to us.

So, standing your ground when other influences hit is going to be essential. Check out today’s passage. Naboth had inherited land next to the King’s palace that was rightly his. The King wasn’t too happy about it, and even offered Naboth good money. Yet Naboth had integrity; he stood by what was appointed for him. He said- “The Lord forbid that I should give the inheritance of my fathers to you!’’ Nice one. Legend. Yet, unfortunately, this decision cost him (go on, read the passage, the Bible’s quite good.)

Yes, it’s an extreme example, but Christian principles are always being attacked, in different ways every generation, from the smallest compromise to the biggest.

Will you stand up?

It can seem ‘bigger and better’ to give in (“that out-of-date, restrictive, hate-bashing religion of yours doesn’t work in our modern world…”) Yeah.

We know it’s hard, but God wants to hear you being honest.

He will help you live right yourself, and stand up for what is right in the world – it’s vital.

What now? 

Christians all over the world are standing up for their own faith, and big causes. Check out hope-revolution.com. They know what it’s about.

Joy Ferdiz

September 9th, 2013

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