Don’t Just Retire

Don’t Just Retire

The Lord will give you help and strength, for work He bids you do; serve others from a heart of love
Is what He asks of you.

Ang mga unang tao na naka-akyat sa Mt. Everest, ang pinaka mataas na bundok sa buong mundo , ay sina Edmund Hillary at Tenzing Norgay noong 1953. 33 years old lang noon si Hillary. His feat afforded him fame, wealth, and the realization that he had already lived a remarkable life. So, ano ang ginawa ni Hillary sa sumunod na limampu’t-limang taon? Did he retire and rest on his laurels? Absolutely not. Although Hillary had no higher mountains to climb, that didn’t stop him. He achieved other notable goals, including a concerted effort to improve the welfare of the Nepalese people living near Mt. Everest—ito ay ang gawaing ginampanan niya hanggang sa siya ay bawian ng buhay noong 2008. Did you know that God told the Levites to retire from their regular duties at age 50? (Numbers 8:24-25). Ngunit hindi Niya nais na tumigil sila na tulungan ang isa’t-isa. He said that they should “minister with their brethren . . . to attend to needs” (Numbers 8:26). We cannot take this incident as a complete teaching on retirement, but we can see a godly implication that continuing to serve others after our working days are over is a good idea. Many people find that when they retire they have nothing meaningful to do with their time. But as the Levites and Sir Edmund Hillary did, we can refocus when we retire—giving of our time to help others.

Life takes on new meaning when we invest ourselves in others.

Mike Medlin

April 6th, 2014

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