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‘The fruit of righteousness will be…confidence’ Isaiah 32:17 NIV


Apple launches a new television, confident that brand will sell. Cristiano Ronaldo steps up to a free kick, confident he can ease it into the back of the net. The opposition party are always confident they can run the country more successfully than current government.

The confidence that connects these three examples is self-confidence – confidence in your own reputation, abilities and bright ideas.

Isaiah is talking about a different confidence, though.

A confidence in God.

It doesn’t take much to shake our self-confidence- a missed free kick, a dip in sales, a lost election. But ‘God confidence’ is unshakeable because God is unshakeable.

It’s in His hands. If the Israelites had put their confidence in Moses, they’d never have walked through the Red Sea – only God can create corridors in seas. If Daniel had placed confidence in himself, he’d have never escaped the lion’s special recipe budget meal – only God can shut mouths of lions. The Bible’s packed with these amazing accounts.

Self-confidence has its limits, and it’s often the root of pride. But God is limitless.  And not only will you see God’s will done through you, but it means we can’t boast about anything except Him (which helps on the pride-front; we all struggle with it). ‘Far better to take refuge in God than trust in people’ (Psalms 118:8).

What now?

Before you start your day (or tomorrow if you’re reading this before bed), take the time to ask God to give you opportunities to share your faith with Godly confidence that he’s with you.

Joy Ferdiz

September 23rd, 2013

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