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If you’ve ever met Christians (we’re guessing you have…), you’ve probably heard the “Oh, well, I’m praying for you” response to a rough situation. Maybe you’ve said it yourself. And it can feel like a bit of a brush-off.


The problem is, “I’m praying for you” is good conversational filler when we don’t know what else to say, but chances are we don’t actually end up doing the prayer.


And we start to doubt that anyone else does it either. That really is a shame.  There’s something so, so Godly-powerful about praying for others. (Here’s a bright idea: why don’t we pray for them there and then?)


We could all be that bit more thankful to the people who say they’ll pray for us. They are going out of their way to take up the weapon that God offers and stand alongside us. There’s definitely room in this world for all of us to pray more.


Check out 1 Samuel 7:3 – 12. Now, go back to verse 5. Samuel prayed for the people around him, and looked at the difference that made. You see, when we stand by someone (or a lot of “someone”) in prayer, God takes noteAnd He acts.


We don’t always know how He’s going to sort a situation out, but we can bank on the fact that He will. There’s a fairly strong possibility that someone in your life is facing something that feels to them a whole lot like a hostile army.  Prayer will help them.


What now?

So… do it. Text a friend. Ask them what, specifically, you can be praying about for them today (and don’t forget to actually put the prayer-time in).

‘I have prayed for you…’  Luke 22:32 NKJV

Joy Ferdiz

April 5th, 2014

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