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Christian lingo: that strange language that says, “Wow, that guy is really anointed at playing guitar” instead of “Awesome guitar playing, man.”

Sometimes to speak the truth properly, we have to ditch the lingo.

Sometimes for people to feel heard and properly related to, we need to speak a little more, well, honestly.

This doesn’t mean that Christian words are wrong; Christian words can make tricky ideas simple and shed light on deeper truths (We, here at W4U would like to think there’s such a thing as being ‘anointed’ at writing devotional magazines… right guys?… Guys?)

But, when these Christian words are overused, hard-to-spot barriers can form between Christians and our non-Church friends. Do they even know what ‘grace’, or ‘God bless you’ mean?

So how do we help them understand?

We can throw in the odd ‘Christian-ese’ word when it needs to be there, but it is so much more honest when we say, for example, “I was hurt by what you said” than, “You, sir, are being un-Christlike”; or “I don’t understand either” than, “God’s ways are higher!”; The list goes on.

Let’s use our language honestly to open a window on truth, not cover it up.

What now?

Look up a tricky Christian word you might be unsure of, online, or in one of those crazy big Bible concordances if there’s one lying around. There’s a whole wealth of good stuff behind words like ‘sanctification’, ‘atonement’, and, if you want to go wild, ‘perichoresis’ (next level stuff right there…)

Verse of the Day

‘…Each of you must…speak truthfully to his neighbor…’ Ephesians 4:25 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

February 7th, 2014

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