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Mark 6:31 is Jesus telling His disciples that He wanted a bit of quiet time. Did He get it?

Well, no. Not right then.

They went off to find that “quiet place” and got followed by crowds. Instead of a time where Jesus and His pals could chill, a little thing we’ve come to call the Feeding of the Five Thousand happened. Not really that relaxing, huh.

But as soon as all that miraculous business was done, the Bible says that Jesus “went up on a mountainside to pray” (Mark 6:46).

Just like the rest of us, Jesus needed time out. He had a busy, busy life – being the Son of God and all, He had quite a bit of stuff to do – but He never allowed Himself to be overwhelmed by His work.

When things were too hectic, He took time off, normally up a mountain, and spent time away from everything. Just Him and God.

Now, even though we don’t have crowds chasing us around, our lives can feel (nearly) as hectic as Jesus’. And, just like Him, our planned time-off can be cut short far too easily, either by work or by that super-active eager friend. It’s very important to step back every now and then, sometimes to just do nothing (yes, that really is okay sometimes), as well as having those times to spend with God.

What now?

Pick a day. A whole day. Schedule it in as a day for nothing but rest and relaxation. Plan to do something you enjoy. And stick to it. Put it on your calendar now. Maybe even think about making that a regular thing… #actuallyhaveasabbath?!

‘…Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile…’   Mark 6:31 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

March 26th, 2014

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