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‘They that wait upon the Lord…’ Isaiah 40:31KJV


So, patience isn’t the most appealing of topics.

We aren’t used to waiting around (doesn’t waiting ten seconds for a website to load feel like forever?) Everyday things like social media and texting are set up for you to have full control.

But if we aren’t careful, we’ll probably forget the importance of something vital – waiting.

Waiting in line at the bank , for the bus, for sex within marriage, and even God Himself will become a challenge if we’re expecting everything to happen When. I. Want. It. To.

You see, sometimes God requires us to make time for Him, just to wait for Him to move in us.

His timing is better than ours.

Not convinced?

Try it. Spending time in prayer and Bible reading might bring about some very important changes:

  • You’ll toughen up.

Have you ever felt like you’re a tad too weak, soft or shy for whatever God’s got in store?

The Psalmist knew what the deal was – waiting for God is like being charged up.  ‘Wait on the Lord…and He shall strengthen your heart…’ Not a bad trade off if you ask us.

  • He’ll pull you through.

If you feel trapped, abandoned, left out, or under pressure, you’re not alone. ‘I…waited for God…He lifted me out of the ditch…’ says Psalm 27:14.

‘Going through’ a situation and taking it head-on is helpful, but only with God’s direction and power.

Otherwise, we’re all prone to making things worse for ourselves.

What now?

When you’re queuing, maybe for a bus or your lunch, let other people in first – it’s a simple exercise that reminds you to slow your pace of life (and you’ll probably cheer up a random stranger too, so that’s cool.)


August 26th, 2013

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