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Every not-yet-a-Christian person that you speak to has a reason why they’re not ready to get to know Jesus. And that can be completely legit.

Sometimes, that reason will be a big hurt, not a lack of knowledge about faith. Something that they know that they’re feeling and can’t help but hold against the Church, or against God Himself – maybe a nasty experience of ‘religion’, or a life experience that they blame God for.

That’s tricky, and can be a deeply sad situation. It can also be a perfect chance to show the true meaning of Christianity – love. If you’ve met someone like this (or been in this position) before, you’ll know it can’t be fixed over a single cup of coffee (or even two or three). It’s a gentle process that really is all about showing love.

That might look like a listening ear, an apology, or even a difficult conversation where you admit you don’t know all the answers.

Easy? No. But, through patience and prayer, God can do some serious work. Keep close to Him, keep open and honest with the hurting person, and slowly, they’ll begin to see God for themselves; not just through you.

Don’t think this is relevant to you? Hmmmm, we’d say it is.

Chances are you’ll meet someone in need of this kind of restoration.

What Now?

Get thinking. And praying. Is there someone who you know has a block sitting between them and getting to know God? Pray that God will begin to show you the right way to help them take the block down.

‘Make up your mind not to put any stumbling block…in your brother’s way.’

Romans 14:13 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

July 29th, 2014

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