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Grab a Bible and read Psalm 133. It’s short. It’ll probably take about half a second.

Chances are you’ve heard that opening verse before. And yeah, it certainly is nice when we get along.

But why? What is there about unity that’s so special for us Christians? Is there something more to it than it just making us feel warm and fuzzy?

Well, verses two and three of that Psalm name-check oil and dew. Hmm. It might seem a bit poetic at first, but it’s got real meaning.

Oil being dropped on a person happened as a symbol of the Holy Spirit ‘anointing’ them, and the power that comes with that.

More often than not, that ‘anointing’ was a sign of God giving someone

the power to go and carry out one of His plans.

And dew crops up in Isaiah 26:19. Interestingly (well, we think so), it’s a symbol of that same power that gives new and after-death life to God’s people.

Oil = God’s Spirit and power.

Dew = God’s Spirit and power.

So, what the Psalmist seems to be saying here is that, when we “live together in unity” (Psalm 133:1 NIV), something mind-blowingly huge happens – as a community, we receive death-beating power that enables us to do what God wants.

God comes to rest in a very real way over the collection of people who are brought together because of Him.

Pretty good reason to do that ‘fellowship-community’ thing, huh?


Grab some friends. Worship together. Put some suitable music on shuffle, spend time praying for each other and just bask in God’s presence.

Verse of the Day:

 “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!” Psalm 133:1

Joy Ferdiz

March 5th, 2014

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