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There’s a part of Florida covered with wiry trees called Caribbean Pines. They thrive in really deadly environments. They survive drought and fire, and hold their own against hurricanes. If trees were horror films these guys would have twenty sequels. In fact, if you plant them in the sort of setting trees should love, they’re so hardcore they just shrivel and die rather than live on like a normal tree.

God led the children of Israel through the wilderness: ‘to prove [their] character, and… find out whether or not [they] would obey His commandments’.

They could choose to give up and shrivel up there, or trust Him to bring them safely to the Promised Land.

When things get *too* comfortable, your faith actually shrivels. The odd blast of wilderness can be genuinely good for it.

Sometimes, then, God allows the fiery draught of very difficult times in order for us to see what’s in our faith – is it made of the good, solid stuff that makes us trust God? (and to make it mature, to chip away the raw materials of our lives to get to the true and better person inside.)

God leads you through the wilderness to prove your character. That also means that He’s in control. Your ‘wilderness’, if you’ve given your life to God, is for a purpose (the best there can be: His loving plan for you), and it’s safe – in His hands.

So when rough times look like they’re about to sweep in, bring it on!

What now?

Look back on the last three months. What were the hard times you have gone through? What good things have come from them that couldn’t have happened otherwise?

Verse of the Day:

 ‘…God led you through the wilderness…to prove your character…’ Deuteronomy 8:2 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

February 24th, 2014

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