The Story Behind Ikaw Lamang

The Story Behind Ikaw Lamang
Release date
30 September 2014
The Story Behind Ikaw Lamang
30 September 2014 | OPM

PRESENCE is a team of God fearing people with a vision of bringing awareness of God’s manifest presence to the four corners of the world through their music. They aspire to share the songs of heaven and God’s touch to those who are seeking.

A group of young-spirited people whose passion for music has evolved from simply shining inside one’s bedroom to playing in a band. Coming from different backgrounds and influence, PRESENCE’s music ranges from alternative, to rock, to pop, R&B, and even folk— showcasing the Filipino talent. Their sound is driven by melodic guitar riffs, pumped by a tight combination of drums and bass followed with smooth keyboards, rhythmic percussion and sealed with a variety of vocals.In 2009, PRESENCE released their first single entitled “Presence” where it gained appreciation from different music enthusiasts and rode the airwaves in different parts of the country. In 2011, the band contributed to a collaboration album entitled “LET YOUR KINGDOM COME (The J.O.G.S.G.O. Collaboration Album)” where the carrier single “Let Your Kingdom”, was their original. four other original songs from the band can be found on the said record.

Among the band’s treasures are their great deal of enthusiasm and optimism towards life. They believe that life is a blessing and that honoring their creator is of utmost importance. As their name suggests, PRESENCE is felt at every performance!