Airplay Submission for the Edge Radio

Airplay Submission

Our country is blessed with tons of excellent OPM Christian Artists and Bands.   Unfortunately, until now there’s been no platform for them to be heard by our nation.   The Edge Radio is working to change that.    The Edge is a growing network of CCM formatted FM radio stations and digital and mobile media outlets.

If you’re a solo artist or part of a band that fits lyrically and stylistically within the genre of Contemporary Christian music, we’d love to hear from you.   To be considered for radio airplay please let us know a little about yourself by completing the form below along with your song submissions.

To know more of how we select the songs to be played on air please see FAQ below. Go to FAQ


* indicates required. Please make sure asterisk ( * ) areas are filled.

Airplay Submission Form

    Contact Info

  • Help us get to know you

  • Your Materials

  • Please upload a good quality record production of your songs. Recording that are ready to be aired on the radio. We advice that you upload three (3) most popular and most requested songs from your album. Please don't forget to upload the lyrics of your as well
  • Supplementary Materials

  • Please share to us your social media pages and website, so we can direct our interested listeners to your page and help them get to know you/band more.


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Q: What are the considerations the band or artist need to meet to be selected and be featured on the Edge?
A: There are four (4) things we consider in choosing the bands or artists we play on The Edge.

1. We choose the band or artist with good record production of their songs. Recording that are ready to be aired on the radio. We base it from the .mp3 file they sent to us.

2. The lyrics of the song have solid Christian message, inspiring, and uplifting for the listeners. The song helps the listeners get close to God.

3. The music genre matches The Edge signature sound – CCM. Please listen to our streaming at or on in the app to know more and understand our sound.

4. The artist or the band demonstrate a strong walk with the Lord.

Q: Is there a screening process?
A: Yes.  The submissions pass through two (2) screening process before we contact you.

1. After our artist coordinator receive the form above and all the necessarily materials, it will be sent to our radio production manager (RPM). Our  RPM will then check the materials submitted based on the considerations we listed above.

2. Once we receive a green light from our RPM, our artist coordinator will then refer the materials to our Video and Recording Production Manager for screening for live video production.

After this process, we will then schedule you for live video recording.

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