PositivelyPinoy ValuesBlack


 As a committed POSITIVELY PINOY, I solemnly pledge:

  I pledge to live my life in a manner consistent with the values of Positively Pinoy and in so doing honor God and build my nation; and as a Positively Pinoy I acknowledge the following to be true…


  • That my faith in God is central to my identity as a Positively Pinoy.  I acknowledge God as my benevolent and all powerful Creator and Father.  As such, I believe that He has a plan and purpose for my life and the lives of my fellow Filipinos; I believe we can know His plan and that we experience our greatest sense of fulfillment and success when we live according to it.


  • That the family is the basic building block of Philippine’s society.  I believe the success of our nation depends upon the success of our families.  Unfortunately, Filipino families today are under attack by negative forces from both within and without.  As a Positively Pinoy, I commit to not only protect my family from these negative forces, but to proactively nurture strong loving relationships with my family members.


  • That I love the Philippines and my fellow countrymen.  I am proud of our rich heritage of endurance, adaptability, overcoming and outlasting hardships.  Our historical challenges have made us a strong people and provide us with great national confidence to tackle whatever challenges stand in the way between us and success.  As a Positively Pinoy, I openly recognize the ongoing struggles facing our nation and I accept that the answer to these issues begins with me, my choices, and my actions. 


  • That a better Philippines begins with better Filipinos.  I am personally committed to self improvement through ongoing education and training. Likewise, I believe every Filipino child is entitled to a solid education, and that education alone is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in our nation.


  • That our nation is a land rich in beauty and natural resources and we, as Filipinos, have an individual and collective interest and responsibility to be good stewards of these blessings bestowed upon us by our Creator.  As a Positively Pinoy, I commit to minimize my negative impact upon the environment and to aid in the reversal and restoration of areas already damaged.

 THAT I make this pledge solemnly, freely, and upon my honor, and The Almighty God as my witness.