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‘…He will show you a way out…’ 1 Corinthians 10:13 NLT


Feeling lost isn’t new to the society we’re in. It’s the result of ‘doing our own thing’, which human beings have done everywhere at every point in history.

Giving in to temptation ends up leaving you dejected and fed up.

But: everyone gets tempted.

Others have resisted; and so can you.

God, your God, will show you a way out.

Great, but what does that help look like? The first practical tip is recognizing which people and situations can cause you to fail badly. Be honest.

Secondly, get-outta-there! Turn the channel and choose not to give in to your feelings. Make a phone call. Get accountable. Pray. Whatever you do, don’t just sit there and attempt to fight it with your own willpower. Maybe turning to someone outside of yourself feels the same as giving up.

But the first thing Christianity teaches us that every one of us, on our own, will fail when left to our own devices. It’s totally valid – and a much better option – to look outside yourself and to God, even when all you feel is the desire to sin.

Look to God, because He’s bigger than our own drive to do wrong.

Turn to friends who you trust and that love you, and who will stand with you.

And, when you see one of these exit routes, take it. Ways out can be here one second and gone the next. Don’t miss out on stepping out of temptation, and into God’s better life.

What now?

Telling another person you’re struggling with something can be hard, but worth its weight in gold (Check out James 5:16!) Pray for courage, and then bite the bullet.


Joy Ferdiz

September 30th, 2013

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